What Sue's clients had to say about Personal Training, Ladies Only Classes and Partner Training.

"Sue is great at motivating me to do better. Even when I feel I am not performing too well she is always enthusiastic and encouraging and makes training sessions fun. She does push me too, which is what I need - I could spend the same amount on gym membership and never go, but this way makes sure I keep my weekly appointment and feel great at the end of the session!

People are already commenting on how I have lost weight, which gives me such a buzz - I am confident that I can reach my goal and get into a size 12 again within a few months."

Karen Kimberley

"Personal training sessions with Sue were just what I needed to push me beyond what had become my complacent exercise regime. I am now achieving more than I thought I was capable of and look forward to my twice-weekly meetings with Sue and to regaining my fitness."

Kathy Southgate

"Sue Kitson has proved to be a superb personal trainer.

I have progressed from having no knowledge of gym-based resistance work to a point where I have confidence and familiarity with the techniques required to train myself and achieve my goals. I have built muscle and been surprised at what I am capable of. Without Sue's engaging personal style, knowledgeable coaching and motivational skills, none of this would have been possible.

I highly recommend Sue to anyone who is considering a personal trainer - I wouldn't train with anyone else."

Peter McKean

"Circuits with Sue Kitson is the first time in years I have had real fun keeping fit. Sue is highly motivational and inspires you to get fit while having lots of laughs and fun. Her classes involve different exercises every week which maintains the interest and helps to give you a good all round level of fitness. I would highly recommend Sue as a fitness trainer as she takes an interest in you as a person and never fails to deliver."

Helen Bumford

"I found Sue to be very friendly, professional and sympathetic!

As a person not used to this (or any other) exercise regime she made me very welcome and took time to find out all about me and my current health and fitness.

I took part in a mixed class. Sue was always encouraging and remembered my name from the start. We were allowed to work and develop at our own pace. Often there would be several variations of each station which could be selected according to ability.

The hour would fly by all too quickly.

I would say Sue has a natural enthusiasm for her chosen profession and it is infectious. Heartily recommended!"

Dave Morgan

"Sue Kitson has been my personal trainer for seven years. I cannot speak highly enough of her approach to my training, her attention to technique which is superb and the enthusiasm which she installs in one to be able to attain higher goals than one ever thought possible. Sue is an excellent trainer who has that unique teaching gift of imparting skills, knowledge and confidence in all her training sessions."

Pat Robinson

"Like a lot of people, my job takes up a high percentage of my time, it's always been an uphill struggle to manage that perfect work/home life balance.

The time eventually arrived when I desperately wanted to gain an interest outside of work. My aim was to reduce my stress levels and give me something else to focus on.

Deep down I knew that fitness and exercise would be that perfect solution but I could not see myself doing it.

I am currently training twice a week with Sue and have been for about 12 months now and I haven't looked back since.

I have learnt to understand the benefits of fitness and exercise, how to do it properly and more importantly how to enjoy it.

Sue's professionalism, knowledge and experience confirm that she has a natural passion for what she does and a strong willingness and enthusiasm to share with others, Sue has always made me feel at ease, even when I have found some of the exercises difficult to grasp at the beginning. She continually motivates me and gives me the support and encouragement that empowers me to carry on.

I still enjoy my training sessions today as much as I did when I started, and I never thought that I would hear myself say that.

Training with Sue has become an important part of my life and has changed the way I feel about a lot of things, including my attitude towards work and striking that better balance. I have a lot more confidence in my ability and I am physically and mentally stronger. I am amazed at what I have achieved!"

Nassar Ali

"Sue has been my personal trainer for the last two to three years and she always gives me an all round work out that keeps my 'body and soul' well toned for my advancing years and at the same time giving me the motivation to push myself to do that little bit extra. Her drive and personality are what makes every session very enjoyable, if not sometimes challenging. My husband says that the view from behind has greatly improved!"

Steph Howell

"I first met Sue through her Thursday Women's Group at the gym. I was looking for a way back into exercise after prolonged back problems culminating in surgery.

From the outset she has always been very thorough in her assessment of my capabilities/limitations and at every session ALWAYS checks regarding any new injuries/aches and pains.

Throughout my training with Sue she has encouraged me with her professional attitude and her sense of humour, and as a result I have achieved far more than I thought possible.

Her Thursday group is a great mix of women of all ages,shapes,sizes and abilities and yes we do chat and have a laugh but by the end of each session be it indoors or out she has still managed to help us acquire more than just a healthy glow!!

I'm a Practice Nurse and am now able to practice what I preach regarding a more healthy and active lifestyle, what a pity we can't prescribe sessions with Sue on the NHS!!!!!"

Jacqui Byrne

"I have done both one-to-one and group training with Sue Kitson and would highly recommend her. During the one-to-one sessions we remained fully focussed on my fitness and weight loss goals with great results. In the group sessions I was both pleased and surprised that my individual progress and goals were also very much in her mind during the training session, as well as the progress and goals of the others in the group. This, I feel, is an amazing feat and certainly not one that I have ever witnessed before in a gym. I felt as individual in the group as I did during one-to-one training.

Overall, the experience of training with Sue Kitson is fun and produces results. She is a very talented personal and group trainer."

Mary Pearson

"I started Circuit Training with Sue Kitson back in 2001/2002. Each session was arranged differently, so it wasn't the same circuit every week and I could work as hard or as gently as I felt like on the day.

Sue managed to incorporate a whole range of different exercises to work the body from head to toe and encouraged me to push myself as hard as I could. I am competitive with myself when it comes to exercising and Sue is aware of this, but she made sure I did not over do it or cause myself injury.

I know my fitness levels increased immensely through Sue's circuit training sessions, even when I only attended once a week. And Sue continued to train me even when I was pregnant, which meant I had a very fit and healthy pregnancy and it was a lot easier to lose the baby weight and get back to full fitness after baby was born.

Sue is a fantastic instructor and knows all there is to know in her field. She has a cracking sense on humour and a great choice in music for each circuit. Sue made the sessions a lot of fun, and helped me reach the goals I set myself as well."

Jaimie Evans

"Sue achieved something I never thought possible - she enabled me to enjoy circuit training!! Having had some experience of circuits in the armed forces I hated them - with a passion. No matter how good for me I could never imagine any occasion when I might willingly partake in them ever again. Sue changed that. I went along on the recommendation of some friends who said that it was a great class, hard work but fun and that there was no pressure to keep up with the others just to do the best you could - and they were right!! It is hard work but you come out of there feeling tired but pleased with yourself. Sue encourages you throughout and there is always friendly banter to keep it light no matter what you are doing.

Sue was also fantastic when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer in that she helped me regain control of 'normality' which for me included attending circuits as and when I was well enough to do so. She took time out to give me a personal assessment of what I could and could not do given the surgery I had, and then at class gave me my own tailored 'alternative' exercises to do when the rest of the class were doing something I could not.

The upshot of this is that I now exercise on average 3 times a week and I walk away from the gym feeling shattered but proud of myself. I know this would never have happened had I not met Sue. Thank you Sue - you are the best!!!"

Eirlys Jones

"I met Sue a few years ago when I joined the Thursday ladies group and have always found her to be totally professional and good humoured. I am 62 years old and had done some work in the gym many years ago but have never enjoyed being put through my paces so much. Sue is always very careful to tailor the exercises taking into account my ability and age. You have all the advantages of a personal trainer with the support of the group."

Jean Chipps

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