Boot Camp

What is Boot Camp?

If you think "a fun, challenging event, working in a group, letting me work at my own level but giving me the biggest buzz possible from exercising" then you’re not far wrong. If you think "I’m not fit enough" then think again.

Yes Boot Camps are traditionally linked with the military but that doesn’t mean you can’t do one. Our Boot Camps are suitable for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. The camaraderie, team work and motivation and support of your trainers will lift your morale and enthusiasm for exercise through the roof!

How Do Boot Camps Work?

After an initial briefing you will be guided and supported by qualified trainers through a variety of fun and challenging experiences and find yourselves doing things you never dreamt you could do.

Designed with you in mind these events provide an introduction to all elements of outside Boot Camp training. Whilst challenging you to step outside your comfort zone we guarantee you'll thoroughly enjoy the experience and be wanting to sign up for more!

Where Do Boot Camps Take Place?

  • Traditionally Boot Camps take place outside whatever the weather.
  • Occasionally a Boot Camp will incorporate an indoor element as well.

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