About Sue

Sue KitsonAfter struggling with the pounds and trying every diet possible, I realised I had to start doing more exercise to help burn off those calories. Sporadic slow jogging just wasn't working! I was lucky enough to be given an 8 week weight loss course at a gym. I was very excited and hopeful to achieve amazing results.

However, after the initial induction I found myself isolated. Surrounded by fit looking people, unapproachable staff and incomprehensible machines, I felt extremely self conscious. Consequently I spent my time on the cross trainer and bike (never daring to go near the weights!), just watching the minutes slowly ticking away until I could slip out the door!

My daughter recommended I join another gym where she worked. There I met a Personal Trainer who was to change my life and view of exercise for ever. His passion, enthusiasm, drive and encouragement soon had me hooked. I looked forward to every session, reaching goals beyond my dreams.

My interest grew and I studied to become a Fitness Instructor leaving my career as a PA behind. I then became a Personal Trainer qualifying in many areas of fitness.

From the unfit lady who started out alternating walking and jogging between lampposts I'd graduated to 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and triathlons.

Finally I achieved my dream to create my own fitness environment where my clients would never have to experience those dreadful feelings I felt, when I first set foot in that gym!

My aim was to empower every client with the knowledge, enthusiasm and excitement to achieve to the best of their ability and reach goals they never thought possible.

The smile on my clients' faces stands testimony to my commitment.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life – make it count"!


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